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Why Choose Hanes?


We offer a wide array of analysis and advisory services which enables us to best consult on ownership and management issues with multifamily investors. As featured in the Hanes Multifamily Investor magazine, we also have up-to-the-minute research for apartment transactions throughout the San Fernando Valley, Ventura, San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles regions. Our research covers 65 cities across 5 Southern California regions, and can be tailored to your specific investment areas.


Our Guaranteed Marketing Commitment has generated an average of 1.2 inquiries per property, per day. Our listing exclusivity enables us to maximize our focus on a minimum number of properties. In addition, we are in contact with multifamily property owners across all 5 regions on an ongoing basis.


Since 1969, Hanes’ companies have represented over 7,500 property owners in the sale of more than $4.5 billion of multifamily and commercial properties throughout Southern California. With an average tenure of over 25 years for senior agents, professional experience is at your service.


Hanes Investment Realty, Inc. has built an industry leading track record of service, exemplified by our most recent 300 transactions, which features an average of 65 days to sell, and a list to sale price variance of less than 1% (0.63%). We are committed to client wealth building and continually rank among the top multifamily brokerage firms in our local market.


The Hanes Installment Sale is structured to meet each client’s individual needs, and provides attractive tax advantages. In some cases, we have doubled or even tripled existing monthly income for clients through our creative financial structuring. We are available to meet with your tax advisor to ensure all aspects of your financial and tax goals are addressed.


Hanes Investment Realty, Inc. follows a strong code of ethics. We have never been a defendant in any real estate related lawsuit. Each of our associates develops strong relationships with our clients. We have built a team with integrity-based values achieved through professional development with the desire to fulfill the client’s professional and ethical expectations.


Our 1031 Exchange Timeline and Exchange Guarantee provide investors peace of mind by supplying the necessary time and search systems to locate the best possible exchange candidate. We have a 100% success rate in the facilitation of our clients’ property exchanges.


Hanes Investment Realty, Inc. promises the total fulfillment of contracts and a code of conduct adhering to the highest ethical standards in the course of providing real estate advisory, marketing and brokerage services to its clients.


In addition to our Guaranteed Marketing Commitment and 19-Point 1031-Tax Deferred Exchange Program, Hanes Investment Realty, Inc. offers clients these complimentary services:

  • Analysis of value and return on equity.
  • Advisory on how to make under performing properties more profitable.
  • Entrepreneurial Property Management©: A complimentary book that helps you manage more efficiently and minimizes your time as a property manager.
  • As featured in the Hanes Multifamily Investor magazine, Market Watch & Rent Watch data shows market value indicators and rent trends in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for each of 65 cities, by region.

All of these services are tailored to your individual investment goals. In addition, we provide expert counsel and guidance on how to: Maximize equity, cash flow, value, tax sheltered income, appreciation, & net cash out. This kind of information and counsel enable you to truly take control of your investment and make informed decisions.

Through our research, creative analysis, and comprehensive marketing techniques, we focus on the wealth building process. We offer an outstanding track record of service with satisfied clients, and represent your best interests in maximizing the four returns of investment real estate: Cash Flow, Appreciation, Tax Shelter and Equity.